Cb Radios. Midland 77092

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Midland 77092
- 40 Channels
- Mounts in virtually any vehicle
- ETR frequency control for precision channel tuning
- Dual conversion superheterodyne receiver for better sound
- Fulltime Auto Noise Limiter helps eliminate background noise
- Quick disconnect mounting bracket
- For more info please download our manual.
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Scanners typically operate in three modes:

Manual scan

In scan mode, the receiver constantly changes frequencies in a set order looking for a frequency that has someone transmitting. Lights or panel-mounted displays show what channel or frequency is in use as the scanner stops on a given frequency. The frequencies can be preprogrammed onsome models or manually set on practically all models.

In manual scan mode, the user taps a button or turns a dial to manually step through preprogrammed frequencies one frequency at a time.

In search mode, the receiver is set to search between two sets of frequencies within a given band. This mode is useful when a user does not know a frequency, but wants to know what frequencies are active in a given area. If the frequency the scanner stops at during a search is interesting, the user can store that frequency in the radio scanner and use it in scan mode.

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